If your organization or project is involved in non-profit technology refurbishing, you are encouraged to join the Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR).

As a member of AFTRR, you make a personal commitment to uphold a pledge to support the non-profit refurbishing and reuse community and to provide low-cost or free technology to those in need.

AFTRR member organizations have several commonalities. They are all 501c3 non-profits or they are a project of a 501c3 non-profit. AFTRR members focus on specific populations in need of the low cost and free computers they refurbish. Finally, they are a member of Digitunity’s Digital Opportunity Network.

Digitunity functions as the backbone of AFTRR providing administrative, organizational and technology support. The Mission of AFTRR coincides precisely with that of Digitunity, a mission that has existed for over 35 years.

Digitunity is organized to effectively communicate, track and support its nearly 1,400 non-profit members around the country. A smaller subset of these members, the nonprofit refurbishers, comprises AFTRR.

Digitunity determines eligibility of all partners based upon their non-profit status and support of target populations. As such, Digitunity’s application process is the vetting process for a non-profit refurbisher to join AFTRR.

All AFTRR member organizations focus on technology and the populations impacted by the digital divide.  However, they can vary in many ways:

  • physical size and number of sites
  • extra-refurbishment activities addressed
  • quantities and types of machines refurbished
  • methods of running an efficient operation
  • means of sustaining an overall successful program

In the past, non-profit refurbishers have generally operated in isolation from one another. AFTRR provides immediate access to the collective expertise of successful organizations throughout the entire country. In addition, the alliance improves awareness of its members as an option for governmental and corporate technology going out of service.

Individually, non-profit refurbishers perform a much needed service in their respective communities. United, non-profit refurbishers strengthen their individual programs, increase efficiency and gain exposure.

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